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Prometheus Radio Project has created Radio Spark as a forum for the exchange of resources and ideas. The resources in this section have been created/added by community members and anybody can post their services here, and as such are not endorsed by Prometheus. Please share your opinions and experiences with any of these resources by voting for them to let others know about your experience. Use the voting tool located in their profile page. Thanks for contributing to the radio community!!!

Resources for applicants are listed below. Use the filter box to find what you are looking for.

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User Resource Resource Type City State
Dry Creek Media
Dry Creek Media's picture
Guy Betten Engineering Support Snohomish WA
dale@musictillmidnight's picture
Dale Sanders Engineering Support Mason TN
toddurick's picture
Todd Urick Engineering Support Davis CA
Jeremy_Ruck's picture
Jeremy D. Ruck, PE Engineering Support Canton IL
jim216p's picture
James Pollock Engineering Support Mount Laurel NJ
jim216p's picture
Mathcad Software
Sterling Commun...
Sterling Communications's picture
Sterling Communications Engineering Support Ringgold GA
aldavis's picture
al davis Engineering Support Freehold NY
fwhannel's picture
Fred Hannel, PE Engineering Support Scottsdale AZ
John Davis
John Davis's picture
John J. Davis - John J. Davis & Associates, Consulting Engineers Engineering Support SIERRA MADRE CA
Don Mussell
Don Mussell's picture
Don Mussell Engineering Support Kilauea HI
KGAengineers's picture
Kessler and Gehman Associates, Inc. Engineering Support Gainesville FL
JohnBroomall's picture
John Broomall, Christian Community Broadcasters Legal Support Canton GA
WRPO-LP's picture
Gene Kirby Engineering Support Marysville OH
Ian's picture
MAG-Net Grassroots Fundraising Toolkit Training Material
Haertig's picture
Gray Frierson Haertig & Assoc. Engineering Support Portland OR
Doug Vernier. T...
Doug Vernier. Telecommunications Consultants's picture
Doug Vernier, Telecommunications Consultants Engineering Support Cedar Falls IA
Jim Radio
Jim Radio's picture
Austin Airwaves Engineering Department Engineering Support Austin TX
evanseng's picture
Ben Evans Engineering Support Thiensville
GILBROMO's picture
Bromo Communications, Inc. Engineering Support Marietta GA