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Prometheus Radio Project has created Radio Spark as a forum for the exchange of resources and ideas. The resources in this section have been created/added by community members and anybody can post their services here, and as such are not endorsed by Prometheus. Please share your opinions and experiences with any of these resources by voting for them to let others know about your experience. Use the voting tool located in their profile page. Thanks for contributing to the radio community!!!

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User Resourcesort icon Resource Type City State
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Free Automation Software Software
bestbroadcastengineering's picture
William Engineering Support Tallahassee FL
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55 ways to raise $500 By: Kim Klein Station Document
lilaineurope Airtime - Open Source Broadcast Software Software
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al davis Engineering Support Freehold NY
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Alexandra Johnson Engineering Support Gainesville FL
Susan Raybuck
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Amended Bylaws to Strengthen Application's Chances Station Document
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Area of Coverage 100 watts in the FM band Training Material
Jim Radio
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Austin Airwaves Engineering Department Engineering Support Austin TX
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Basic Umbrella Agreement Station Document
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Ben Evans Engineering Support Thiensville
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Bromo Communications, Inc. Engineering Support Marietta GA
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Building an Effective Board of Directors Station Document
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Building you station's presence online with Facebook Station Document
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BW Broadcast TX50 LPFM Transmitter Equipment Penhook VA
Susan Raybuck
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Bylaws Template - Wimberley Valley Radio Bylaws Station Document
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Charles F. Ellis, PE Engineering Support Lafayette LA
Chris Arnesen
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Chris Arnesen Engineering Support Hillsboro OR
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Community Engagement - Whys and Hows (GRC 2012) Training Material
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Community Radio Organizing Toolkit Training Material