Zara Radio

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Free software for Radio Automation.  Yes, it really works and it is FREE!  Play with the controls and how they work and then try the PRO upgrade version.  It is really affordable for what it does and it works very well.  When you are ready for the big stuff (that is if you decide to change)  then you will already understand the "HOW" of radio automation software. 


Go ahead... Try it out and see just how simple this software is.  FREE coesn't mean crappy and it works just as it sets.  No need to buy more, unless you want the shortcuts which are great too!

When you want to TALK LIVE, you simply put it into MANUAL MODE and when the music fades (or stops) you begin talking.  When you are done, click back into "AUTO" mode and walk away.  Simple!

Will play 24 hours a day or however you set it up for.


Go To:

type in your name, station name, country and your E-mail and click send.  They will send you a link to download ZARA Radio Software.  

Download, install and load all your music, liners, bumpers and promos to customize the sound of your station.



Neighborhood FM

Absotively! ZaraRadio is

Absotively! ZaraRadio is incredible and intuitive. I've been running it for over 3 years. I have it running song rotations for different formats that change hourly, daily, and weekly. The "Neighborhood FM Weekend By Request" is an example. Listeners request a song from our published playlist, call or email, the request is as simple as 'drag and drop', and I can do it from my phone. I don't even have to be in the studio. The transistions from format to format are seemless. Hourly commercial breaks, ID's, jingles, radio bits ("Laughter @ 10 After"). The "~" allows accuracy to a 10th of a second such that song endings can be executed ON THE DOWNBEAT! We utilize EDCAST (the new version) which allows truncating the file name so the internet listener doesn't get to see the characters in the file name that Zara uses to execute segways. The best thing about Zara is it keeps track of the files it plays; (even the free version). That means that song files once played - don't play again until the WHOLE list (or folder) has played EVERY file. New files don't play until the entire folder has run. The 'clock' resets with any restart of the software. It's so good I've entered into a 'pissing match' with Sound Exchange. They feel this format and its' execution is too good for a hobbyist, and they want their money. Yup! it's THAT good. I reccomend "sweetening" any audio files for playout. It enhances the experience to internet listeners who may have 'milton bradley' speakers. We run low power FM and two internet streams and multiple applications of ZaraRadio can be assigned to different outputs simultaneously on the same PC. "Talk Over" live over song segways is totally awesome. . . Way Cool!