New Non-Profit Station Equipment

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Hi all,

I'm with a non-profit in the middle of a new LPFM application. If anyone can direct us on how to find the following equipment at a discount or donated please let me know. Also if there are any resources that would be great.

The following equipment is requested:

A transmitter


Audo console

Studio speakers


CD player

CD recorder

EAS decoder


Thank you!


Equipment Location
Memphis, TN
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Equipment availability:



Hey there, Bob here, with the

Hey there,

Bob here, with the new Hillsborough, NC community station WHUP. We just completed an order with Radio Systems ( that included most of what we need to get on the air. They have new and used equipment at all levels (though not everything is available used). We did exhaustive research on sources, and RS consistently had the lowest prices (including online retailers and ebay), plus they have a community radio background and were really great to work with. The owner is Dan Braverman - call him directly and tell him WHUP sent you. Hope that helps.