What you can get from each round of half-priced sale?

2016 is here, 4rsgold offers you two rounds of 50% off sale to wish you a very happy new year. In order to ensure you can have a happy time in game, we have half-priced 1550M RS gold, 305M OSRS gold, 70M DMM gold & 145M DS gold for you to snap up. Learn more about the activity:

When will the activity start?
Two rounds of 50% off sale will be available on 4rsgold:
The first round of 50% off sale Longsword will start at 03:00 a.m. GMT on Jan.15, 2016.
The second round of 50% off sale will start at 03:00 a.m. GMT on Jan.22, 2016.

What you can get from each round of half-priced sale?
4rsgold offers 50 portions of 31M RS 3 gold, 6100K RS 07 gold, 1400K RS Deadman gold and 2900K DS gold respectively, which means totally 1550M RS gold, 305M Runescape 2007 gold, 70M RS Deadman gold and 145M DS gold will be half-priced.

How to join in 50% off sale?
1. Visit 4rsgold X% off Sale Page to snap up the gold you want once the time is up.
2. Contact 24/7 Live Chat to get your RS Gold or OSRS gold as soon as possible after the order is successfully placed.
3. If you have any confusion about the 50% off sale, you can visit 4rsgold Facebook to get extra help.

1. ONE only allows to snap up ONE portion of RS gold or other types the gold. (e.g., we only deliver one share of RS gold to one account if one snapped up more than one portion of RS gold and we will refund the payment of other portions of gold).
2. The price of the products will set according to the price of event day.
3. Once you snapped up one portion of above gold successfully, it will be unchangeable.

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