Some restrictions are needed to safe death PvP worlds

PvP is one of the most popular content among scapers. But honest to say, do you like buy rs gold the idea of losing items and osrs gold in PvP? Of course not for most players. For this issue, the idea to add a safe death PvP world has got plenty of support on Reddit. Read on for more details. Is it possible to make PvP without losing items in death? Currently, players challenge random PvP encounters in PvP, whether they are skilling, questing, or slaying. It is challengeable and acceptable. But once someone dies, he will lose his items, even millions of OSRS gold.

After that, how could he fight the opponents once losing his best gear? Therefore, it is hunting guide necessary to add safe death PvP worlds in Old School. It is certain that a majority of players don’t want to lose items or gold in PvP. If safe death PvP worlds are added without any limitations, it would be crushed, even ruin this game. At this point, the other players complement this idea as below:

1. The penalty is needed, or the game would be unbalanced. For example, if someone enter the actual wildy even on that world, he should still lose items or be kicked from that world for a couple hours. A couple hours are a long time for most people.

2. A permanent tournament world is impractical, for people would lose interest over time and it would become a dead server. So it is better to open it once a month.

This idea sounds like Deadman mode maybe. But differently it'd still be fun when you die. Do you want to PvP on such a safe world? Hopefully Jagex can take this idea into consideration. Along with the latest OSRS news, 4rsgold is the best place to buy osrs gold for all scapers!