Runescape Rainbow’s End awards rainbow cape and necklace

Runescape Twitch Prime now offers all Twitch members free buy rs gold membership and 15 Treasure Hunter Keys. For RS multipliers on rainbow prizes work normally, now it's time to make full use of these keys in Rainbow's End to win Rainbow cape. All scapers can buy runescape gold safe on our site when they need. Until April 17, Runescape Treasure Hunter will offer all members rare rainbow prizes, including rainbow cape and necklace. These eye-catching items are tradable as well. Are you itching for it? The multiplier would be helpful, for it can multiplied the prize by up to 7 times.

To unlock massive multipliers on your prizes, you need to open hunting guide the rainbow chests as many as possible and win multiplier tokens. The multiplier applies to everything on Treasure Hunter, except for rainbow amulet token itself. Currently, the bug that stopped some players from receiving a prize from Treasure Hunter has been fixed. If you have been caught out and lost the prize, your account will be edited shortly to get one lamp or star in your bank.

If you lost a star, you'll get a prismatic star of the same size. If you lost a lamp, you'll get a prismatic lamp of the same size. You will have a week to claim the lamp or star, or it will disappear. So now you can check if the prize is added to your inventory, bank or auto-redeemed on your skills successfully. Are you doing Runescape Rainbow’s End? The multiplier works on the prizes. Go ahead to win rainbow cape now! At any time, you can buy runescape gold safe from 4rsgold when you need. Now the time -limited 7% discount code “EST2017” is available for all rs gold. Don’t forget to use it!