Gemstone Dragons | Documentary Airs 9th April

Gemstone Dragons are ready and ripe for the slaying in rs gold today. Face off against three varieties of these fearsome beasts, and pick up resplendent new gemstone armour.We'll also be airing the RuneScape Documentary at the weekend - see the live streaming section for full details! Head down beneath Shilo Village and find the new gemstone cavern, its entrance manned by Kelhar.

If you have a gemstone dragons Slayer assignment from Crafting Kuradal or Morvran, he’ll let you right through. Otherwise, you’ll need to pay a fee in uncut dragonstone (2 kills per gem), onyx (400) or hydrix (4000) to enter and slay the dragons therein.Slayer levels required are 95 for dragonstone dragons, 98 for onyx dragons and no less than 101 for hydrix dragons.

To reach this lofty level before Menaphos, you’ll need a boost. A great option is the new wilder pie, which requires 90 Cooking to make, and requires an uncooked wild pie and ground dragonstone. It boosts Ranged by 5 and Slayer by 6, and the Slayer boost will not deplete for 6 minutes after the pie is eaten, meaning more time to grapple with the biggest beasts of the herd.