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Shocking news! At the beginning of April, he said that buy rs gold this ring drops through RDT and Clues. But now Mod Timbo has announced again that Hazelmere's Signet Ring cannot be obtained from doing a clue scroll. Still wanna this ring? Buy runescape gold cheap to get from elite slayer mobs now! Hazelmere’s Signet Ring won’t drop from Clues. At the end of March, we arranged the confirmed and possible information about Hazelmere's Signet Ring and posted it as news. At that time, Mod Timbo had confirmed that clues or RDT was on the right track to obtain Hazelmere’s Signet Ring, and that this ring was obtainable in game since then.

But now he said on Twitter that Hazelmere’s Signet Ring cannot hunting guide be obtained from doing a clue scroll. It means that this ring is only obtainable from RDT with Luck of the Dwarf. What happened? If Hazelmere’s Signet Ring doesn’t drop from Clues, it is a really rare RDT drop through Elite slayer mobs. Moreover, to get this drop requires players wearing Luck of the Dwarf. Thus, the drop rate of Hazelmere’s Signet Ring would be 1/1, 000, 000. It is not that easy to get this ring.

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