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GRC 2012 4

A space for attendees of the 2012 GRC to chat and share resources from the conference. All previous individual group posts are housed here.

2013-01-03 Join
LPFM Stories 1 5

The heart warming and blood curdling tales of LPFM

2012-12-19 Join
Miami LPFM 2 4

For those in Miami/South Florida who want to start a community radio station!

2012-12-08 Join
RFree 11 133

More than a channel finder!

2012-09-03 Join
PEG TV Stations 9

Group for Public Access stations interested in community radio

2012-08-15 Join
People of Color Radio Caucus 9

People of color and allies can discuss resources, support networks, and issues that affect our communities.

2012-08-15 Join
It's the Journalism: Ethics and Operations (GRC 2012) 5

A group for viewing and discussing the "It's the Journalism" session from the 2012 Grassroots Radio Conference.

2012-08-09 Join
Community Wireless for Community Radio 7

GRC Session notes, questions, and discussions

2012-07-27 Join
Community Engagement: Why and How 9

Workshop on ways to sort out strategies and tacics for community engagement.

2012-07-27 Join
Disability in the Media 5

Social Justice radio for people with disabilities

2012-07-26 Join
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