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Community Radio Volunteeers 9 902

A group for people who want to volunteer to support groups working to apply for community radio station licenses.

2012-03-28 Join
On-Air Community Radio Stations 6 546

Existing low power community radio stations.

2012-03-28 Join
Twin Cities Community Radio 7 4

This collaboration aims to transform the diverse Twin Cities neighborhoods of Phillips and Frogtown by working together to launch low-power FM communi

2012-04-08 Join
LPFM Radio Network 9 154

Existing LPFM Stations and Pod-casters Resource Network

2012-04-24 Request membership
Austin LPFM 2 710

People working to bring new LPFM station(s) to the Austin Texas area

2012-05-15 Join
TaxCast for free use by radio stations 1 4

A monthly podcast - entertaining and eye-opening 15 minutes of news and analysis of global events in the area of tax evasion and tax avoidance

2012-06-22 Join
For Station Applicants Only 20 550

A discussion group for folks starting stations.

2012-07-19 Join
Fundraising - New Forms and Old 871

Let's talk about funding your LPFM station!

2012-07-25 Join
GRC Session: DREAM (Developing Real Expression Around Music) Studio 5

A discussion group for attendees of the 2012 GRC DREAM Studio session!

2012-07-26 Join
Corporate FM 4

The medium of radio is endangered when corporations abandon the communities that they are there to serve.

2012-07-26 Join
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