Services - Get On Air!

Congratulations your application for a low power FM station (form 318) has been accepted for filing! Now what? There might still be some bumps on the road, but Prometheus can help you through this journey. Below is a list of the servies we offer. Contact support[at] for more information.

Win Your Competition

You filed an application for a low power FM station, but unfortunately you are in competition with other applicants (MX group). You need a strategy to win a spot on the FM dial! There are a variety of modifications you can do to your application and most can only be done during the special period set forth by the FCC. Time is limited and this is like re-filing your application. If you are amending the technical portion of your application it must be re-filed with the correct, new information, or you will be stuck in competition! Any amendments you make must comply with all of the low power FM rules.

Comprehensive Strategic Support- $500

We can inform you of all possible options and provide expert advice to create a winning strategy. This service offers:

  • Landscape analysis of your situation, including an analysis of your competitors
  • Overview of your technical options
  • Strategy consultation on how to win a license

We will work with you to consider the following question when building a strategy. If you are considering a technical move, will the new channel or location reach your target audience? What is the estimated coverage and likely interference of a new channel? Are you willing to sacrifice coverage and/or a specific transmission location in favor have having your own frequency? Or, are you happy to share your frequency with competitors in a timeshare agreement? This includes a $150 discount for Application Engineering, Feasiblity Study and Report, and/or Transmission Site evaluation if needed.

Application Engineering - $250 + $40/hr

A Prometheus engineer can perform the engineering, technical exhibits and waivers required for applications and amendments. We charge $40 per hour, with a $250 minimum. We need preliminary information to determine the complexity of your case and will be able to give you a price quote based on the information you provide. If we can’t take your case we will provide you with a list of qualified engineers to complete your engineering. Examples of exhibits we are able to perform:

  • RF safety
  • Second-adjacent interference waiver (D/U and contour protection)
  • Translator input protection (D/U)

Get Better Coverage

You have a construction permit but are concerned with your coverage area or potential interference or you want us to look into options for increasing your coverage area so you can reach more listeners. If you want move, now is the time to amend your application. It is much more complicated and expensive to do so after your build your transmission site!

Feasibility Study and Report - $500

Do you have the best possible transmission site to reach the maximum number of people in your target audience? Is the height and power listed on your low power FM application engineered so that you are broadcasting at your greatest potential? Do you need to move your transmission site but aren’t sure where to begin looking? We can help you figure this out! We’ll let you know what areas are good for relocation and why, keeping in mind your circumstances and listeners. In some cases we can even identify specific sites and towers you might use be able to use. Once possible sites are identified, we can evaluate up to three of them for a potential move. We will also review the engineering work on your application to see if the height and power of your antenna and transmitter are set to their maximums. This includes a $150 discount for Application Engineering if needed.

Transmission Site Evaluation - $250

You know you need/want to move your transmission site and you have a few sites in mind but need help evaluating your options. Give us up to two sites where you might want to move and we’ll study the feasibility, special circumstances and equipment required, coverage, and potential interference. We can also tell you about your current site. We will estimate what engineering you’ll require and whether we can do it for you or find you another engineer. This includes a $150 discount for Application Engineering if needed.

Contact support[at] for more information.

Prometheus works towards a media system that allows everyone to have a voice on the airwaves. With limited resources, however, we use the following five questions to prioritize which station applicants get our closest support.