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I found a antenna close by with in 50ft of my desired location for our LPFM Radio Station. The problem I'm having now, is that when searching through RFREE there are no channels with in 10/20mile radius. But I have excess to a antenna. Is there a reason why I have rec'd several red x with in the radius of the city I want to locate my radio station, but there's plenty of antenna avail with in reach. 


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The antenna location is right next door on a school that is currently closed down and there is no available information on the owner. The antenna sits on top of the old chater school, within visible site. It's so close which is reliable access. The problem that I'm having, is that it does not show up on RFREE, MYLPFM, RECNETWORK, FCC for antenna search. 


Why doesn't the antenna right behind me on top of the buidling next door does not show up in the system? 


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antenna locations, not antennas

RFree determines if a location meets the requirements to qualify for an LPFM station according to FCC rules about not interfering with other stations.  Existing antennas' locations may or may not qualify for LPFM.

There are many ways to locate existing antennas and information about them, such as fccinfo.com, antennasearch.com, and http://wireless2.fcc.gov/UlsApp/AsrSearch/asrRegistrationSearch.jsp


Nothing near Detroit

It looks like you may be near Detroit, and that is one of the areas of the country where there are no known frequencies available which would not cause interference according to the FCC, and that is what RFree is checking.


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I checked back today on RFREE and it the site gave me some insight what would be available.