I have in the past gotten programs from podcast sites that could be used for Low Power Radio. In my case the programs are a maximum of two hours long or one hour long or as short as a half hour long.The programs I am talking about in this case are christian or gospel or southern gospel music. Just what is needed for Sunday morning programming.All stations need to contact the shows host and get permission to download their show and let them know when you will air it. Most shows have no commercials but some do have a short word from the bible.Thus the reason you can get it for free or it would be nice to make a donation to the shows host.We are doing it today for internet radio stations. Once a week each station goes to a podcast site and downloads the show to the stations computer.Then transfer it into you stations scheduling software for air play at the time you choose.



What podcast sites are being

What podcast sites are being used to download the  shows? It seems to be short and good procudeure of downloading. see here