We got one!

Hey y'all!

I realize i'm late to the game, but we did actually land multiple LPFM licenses in Phoenix! I specifically organize with KDIF that will be transmitting at 102.9FM in central and south phoenix, AZ. We are a coalition of community members building a low-power FM (LPFM) radio station with the vision of engaging a new tool for social justice, as well as opening up our current media landscape to new and unheard voices.

Here's a bit about the station as a whole. We are deeply people-powered, and we look to grassroots organizing to teach us about how radio can be a tool used by the people in our transmission area for organizing and supporting existing local initiatives.

The KDIF mission is to create a radio station that promotes education, cultural diversity, and social justice for listeners in downtown and south Phoenix.  KDIF is getting back to the roots of radio as a geographically grounded platform for sharing stories that matter and directly engage listeners. KDIF will open up the media airwaves to unheard voices, diverse narratives, and bilingual programming to help support the interests of our listeners. We recognize the knowledge of our community members. Our work is to educate and equip them with the skills and tools they need to share their knowledge at a larger scaleā€”to become programmers, producers, and active members of the station.

Anyways, if any of you are interested, y'all can either check us out here: igg.me/at/kdif or (i would much prefer) you can always contact me on my page directly!

Hope to connect with some of you soon!

Rachel Sherman




No, we got a license during

No, we got a license during the window! Now we are building! If you want more info about KDIF (our low power budding station) you can email me here: 102.9phx@gmail.com

The Big Skull


How do you get a license outside the window?


Del Lee