How to File for an Extension?

Due to unforseen issues with our studio location (electrical issues - we need to upgrade service, panel, etc, and there were lenghty discussions with the land lord) we most likely will not be able to meet the deadline for our CP.  The way I understand it, we can file for an extension, and that all we need to do is write a letter to request such extension, and there is no official form, etc.  Is this correct?  I have evidence that I can include to justify the extension.  Will the FCC just grant me 18 more months, or do I need to specify how much more time I need?  Also, where do I send the letter?  I assume to the attention of the Media group, yes?

Any helpful insight you cna provide is welcome.  Our CP won't expire until June, but I want to be ahead of the request.  I'd like to have the extension in place just in case, even though I think we'll make the original date anyway.



BIll Lundgren, Port Washington Community Broadcasting, Inc.

WPDB-LP, 101.5

Port Washington, WI.