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    Mar 31 2015 - 11:37am by bill.lundgren

    Due to unforseen issues with our studio location (electrical issues - we need to upgrade service, panel, etc, and there were lenghty discussions with the land lord) we most likely will not be able to meet the deadline for our CP.  The way I understand it, we can file for an extension, and that all we need to do is write a letter to request such extension, and there is no official form, etc.  Is this correct?  I have evidence that I can include to justify the extension.  Will the FCC just grant me 18 more months, or do I need to specify how much more time I need?  Al

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    Jan 20 2015 - 9:39pm by Fayetteville ComRad

    As an LPFM about to get a CP and get on the air ASAP we are discussing underwriting policies. Not talking about the "rules" but rather strategy and charges. Would like to hear from particularly LP stations as to what types of underwriting (show related, day sponsors, etc.) and amounts charged for underwriting. Anyone able to share the details with us?

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    Dec 21 2014 - 1:08pm by CafetwinV
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    Nov 4 2014 - 10:43pm by FrankB

    I'm looking to create a Pt-15/Internet  Community Radio Station, located in Allston-Brighton and for all of Boston.

    It's a dream, yes. But it's not out of reach!

    Right now, I'm looking for a small group of VOLUNTEERS who are willing to work to make this dream a reality. All we really need to get us on the air is a small office space. All other basic equipment is readily available.

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    Nov 1 2014 - 7:22pm by CafetwinV

    Title Of The Project: Tentatively called WVFVA Twin Community Radio . (Call Letters V for Vienna, F for Fairfax City, VA for Virginia).

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    Sep 6 2014 - 9:58am by ltnhawk

    My proposed location is 18.389150 N 66.815098 W . My problem is that  on myLPFM search I find Channel 300 107.9 fully available in the clear. However when I run the same data on the finder here it shows no stations in the clear and 2 worth looking at. Why such a huge discrepancy? Also I was looking in to possibly  entering the freq 107.9 manually to see if it would tell why it disqualified it but I have found no way of doing that,


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    May 13 2014 - 11:38am by luciaduncan

    Here's a link to the job posting for ZUMIX's new Vista position - to help us with our anticipated transition from an online to a broadcast (LPFM) station: 


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    Mar 11 2014 - 11:36pm by MikeW

    One of the most disturbing things we have learned in the current round of applications, is that the site is populated with several person posing as engineers or applicants, who are imposters.  These imposters are employees of commercial radio stations seeking information they can use to help defeat your application.  So do not assume the people on this site are who they say they are, particularly some of this listed as engineers.  

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    Jan 22 2014 - 4:42pm by slthaw

    Congratulations your application for a low power FM station (form 318) has been accepted for filing! Now what? There might still be some bumps on the road, but Prometheus can help you through this journey.

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    Nov 27 2013 - 4:46pm by paulbame

    Here are some statistics showing application statuses covering the first several days after the LPFM window

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