About Radio Spark

About the Opportunity to Apply for Stations:

Between  October 15 and 29 2013, the FCC will accept applications from community groups for low power FM (LPFM) FM radio licenses. Now, as our communities face profound economic and social challenges, the largest expansion of community radio in U.S. history offers a unique opportunity to unite people, build local civic participation, and create solutions.

Community radio stations can amplify the voices of people addressing important issues in their communities. They are proven organizing tools for exposing government corruption, cleaning up toxic waste, winning better working conditions, and promoting local arts and culture. And 90% of Americans listen to radio each week. Join the Radio Spark community and sign up for updates with Prometheus  to find out how you can build people-powered media in your community.

Radio Spark is a community-powered site for groups that want to apply for low power FM (LPFM) community radio licenses AND for those who want to support them. Created and maintained by the Prometheus Radio Project, this site is a place for community radio novices and experts to ask questions, share resources, and connect with allies. Here groups that want to start a station can connect with others nationwide to share ideas, recruit volunteers, and build a community of support by geography, target audience, genre or any other criteria you choose.
Radio Spark has several features for station hopefuls and others in the community radio movement. The Questions (link) section allows anyone to post or answer questions related to community radio. Be sure to tag your question so that others interested in the same topic can find it. Under Resources (link), community members can offer to share everything from legal or engineering support to used equipment. In the Community section (link), you can start a group, promote an event, or host a discussion.

Although Radio Spark is a great way to share resources and information on community radio, not all materials from the Prometheus Radio Project will be housed here. So be sure to check the Prometheus site regularly  for trainings, handouts, and other materials.

Community Guidelines and Disclaimer

This is a community that assumes respect for the open exchange of ideas. While Prometheus staff monitor this site for hate speech – we don’t tolerate it – and suggestions of illegal activity, the ideas and thoughts that are shared here do not represent the opinions of Prometheus Radio Project. This is a public site; anyone can join, and information that is shared is visible to the other users and site visitors unless otherwise noted.

Prometheus staff and the volunteer experts working with us will make every attempt to monitor this site for inaccurate information, but we cannot guarantee that all information submitted by users is accurate. If we discover inaccurate information, we will correct or remove it in order to better serve the community. We will also remove posts or users that are inappropriate or that do not reflect the mutually supportive ethos of this community.