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Prometheus Radio Project has created Radio Spark as a forum for the exchange of resources and ideas. The resources in this section have been created/added by community members and anybody can post their services here, and as such are not endorsed by Prometheus. Please share your opinions and experiences with any of these resources by voting for them to let others know about your experience. Use the voting tool located in their profile page. Thanks for contributing to the radio community!!!

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User Resource Resource Type City State
Mark Christian
Mark Christian's picture
Zara Radio Software
michiko REC Broadcast Services, LLC Engineering Support Riverton MD
Mark Christian
Mark Christian's picture
SRT Broadcast Solutions Engineering Support Orange County CA
radiorob's picture
OpenBroadcaster Software
KGAengineers's picture
Kessler and Gehman Associates, Inc. Engineering Support Gainesville FL
prometheus_engineering's picture
Prometheus Engineering Services Engineering Support Philadelphia PA
memphis's picture
New Non-Profit Station Equipment Equipment Memphis TN
92.7 WYHR-LP
92.7 WYHR-LP's picture
107.1 WYHR Bylaws and Conflict of Interest Policy Station Document
Neal Newman
Neal Newman's picture
Neal Newman Engineering Support Monroe Township NJ
Chris Arnesen
Chris Arnesen's picture
Chris Arnesen Engineering Support Hillsboro OR
Duvallwriter's picture
HP 8920B radio test system Equipment Duvall WA
Duvallwriter's picture
Hp 35670A Dynamic signal analyzer Equipment Duvall WA
Duvallwriter's picture
Hp8594E spectrum analyzer Equipment Duvall WA
promotherobot's picture
Harold Kozlowski Engineering Support Hooksett NH
amartina's picture
Area of Coverage 100 watts in the FM band Training Material
wb5oxq_1's picture
Jim Miller Space Waco TX
gmdelectronics's picture
Complete Radio Station Low Power Equipment Alvin TX
gmdelectronics's picture
Kingtron, Inc Engineering Support Alvin TX
Susan Raybuck
Susan Raybuck's picture
Declaration to Establish 2-Year Community Presence Station Document
Susan Raybuck
Susan Raybuck's picture
Educational Exhibit Station Document