Wimberley Valley Radio

401 Carney Lane
Wimberley, TX 78676-4903
Phone: 512-496-2902
Plans for programming
hyperlocal community news and county news
Local music
health and safety information
Communities served:
Social movements or causes
To close the gap in democratic dialogue by fostering civil exchange of diverse points of view
and to build relationships across the divide.
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Engineering experience
The Austin Airwaves Engineering Department ("just a bunch of crack engineers") has been providing a wide range of radio, telecom, antenna, power/delivery, studio and logistical designs and constructions for worthy radio-hungry communities ranging from the Houston AstroDome NOLA post-Katrina, to putting the last radio station back on the air in post-earthquake Haiti, to, most recently, helping put the first LPFM community station on the air on the island of Borneo, (Malaysia.) We can provide educational and hands-on training for regular folks, as well as Burkenstocks-on-the-ground, post-disaster facilities and services. We have put full power FMs on the air and are about to get another full power license for a small town in Central Texas.
Engineer Location:
P. O. Box 49492 Austin Airwaves
Austin, TX 78765
Phone: 512-796-4332
Audio Engineering skills
Designing and building studios
RF Engineering skills
Designing and building studio-to-transmitter links
Designing and building transmission systems
Climbing towers and installing antennas FM allocations
Filing Low Power FM applications (Form 318)
Engineering Support

North Austin Community Media (formerly LPFM for Austin TX)

11215 Prairie Dove
Austin, TX 78758-4250
Phone: (512)836-7893
Plans for programming
folk music
vintage radio
poetry and spoken word
neighborhood news and events
other programming as chosen by volunteer operators
advocacy for participation in neighborhhod issues
Communities served:
Social movements or causes
Opposition to the consolidatation of power by forces already in control
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