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WDYT-FM Community Radio

341 South Jefferson St. Suite 100
Dayton, OH 45402
Phone: 9373082084
Plans for programming
block programming that includes local events and activities
Local music
local disc jockeys
Communities served:
Social movements or causes
Our major cause is empowering local listeners.
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Engineering experience
Kessler and Gehman Associates (KGA) is a professional telecommunications consulting engineering firm specializing in all phases of communications internationally since 1967. KGA is certified by the Board of Professional Engineers and has offices located in Gainesville, Florida. KGA is licensed to practice professional engineering and has been involved in virtually every phase of broadcast and wireless communications from initial designs to final inspections. KGA also specializes in Executive Administration where our staff has assumed roles as Executive Administrator for multimillion dollar statewide communications projects. KGA specializes in virtually all areas of broadcasting including FM, Low Power FM (LPFM), FM Translators, FM Boosters, DTV, Low Power TV (LPTV), TV Translators, Microwave, Wireless, Public Safety, etc. The qualifications of the firm's key technical personnel are a matter of record with the Federal Communications Commission (FCC). KGA has represented many clients before the FCC in a variety of matters including Rule Makings, requests for experimental authorizations and waiver requests of the Commission's rules to accommodate specialized telecommunications systems and submissions of various applications for permits. While KGA maintains a continuous dialogue with equipment suppliers, contractors and manufacturers in the television, radio and wireless communications industry, our relationship with such companies is limited solely to the contacts necessary for the planning and implementation of systems for our clients. KGA engages only in providing consulting services to its clients, and is thus not involved in the promotion, manufacture, sale or installation of any equipment. Our staff of consultants, engineers and support personnel are some of the most respected specialists in their fields. Experienced in the design and operation of all major manufacturers' platforms, our teams have a local presence and will utilize the resources of the entire company to ensure project success.
Engineer Location:
507 NW 60th Street Suite C
Gainesville, FL 32607-2055
Phone: 352-332-3157
Audio Engineering skills
Designing and building studios
RF Engineering skills
Designing and building studio-to-transmitter links
Designing and building transmission systems
Filing Low Power FM applications (Form 318)
Creating engineering exhibits for contour waivers
Creating engineering exhibits for D/U waivers
Engineering Support

SAM Broadcaster Pro

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I own a full, legal copy of SAM Broadcaster, with an additional four DJ seats I am willing to make available to community partners when needed.

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